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what I was doing...

  • 5 minutes ago: Reading my LiveJournal friends list and talking to bitty and Beetlebau on #soc.bi
  • 5 hours ago: Ringing up a couple of friends because I was feeling lonely with Richard off in Berlin. The house is too damn quiet when it's just me here.
  • 5 days ago: Getting ready to go away, and getting stressed at an idiot on eBay.
  • 5 weeks ago: Feeling lonely and lousy, because Richard was in Amsterdam and my moods were cycling at a scarily rapid rate.

  • 5 months ago: That would have been 22nd May this year. May was horrid because Richard's mum died. I started this diary just a couple of days before that happened, which means I have all my feelings from then preserved. On 22nd May itself, I was comparatively perky. I'm surprised to have it pointed out that I've been writing here for more than 5 months - this means that this has been the longest-lived of all the diaries I've ever started. Wow.

  • 5 years ago: That'd be 22nd October 1996. I would have been three weeks into the final year of my chemistry degree. I imagine meeping and I were both very stressed out with a liquid crystal experiment in physical lab :) I've got a vague feeling my ex & I went for a long weekend in Aberdeen around that time too, though it could've been the week after.

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