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Not A Life Update & Links - helen-louise
Not A Life Update & Links
Also, just for your information, it is the early morning of 20th July (as my friend stellarwind says, "latearly"), and I am reading livejournal entries from 9th July and congratulating myself on how caught-up I am. If anything time-critical is happening (e.g. if any London-based or visiting London friends want to get together in the next couple of weeks), commenting here would be a good idea.

Interesting things that people have said recently:
From kightp in a friends-locked post on mactavish's journal:
I tend to be in "relationships" with people *before* I date them, since I count friendship as a relationship of equal and sometimes greater value to romance.
I think it's different for people who put off having lives of their own until they're involved in Serious Relationships. I can remember doing that when I was very young, but the memories come with a sort of vague puzzlement at why I did things that way, and no surprise at all that it didn't work out.

Now, though, I've got this great big life full of friends and joys and obligations, and I don't think it would be fair to even consider a serious relationship with someone new until they'd been pretty well exposed to all the stuff that makes me me, and shown that they were not just OK with it, but actively attracted to it. (The same holds true in reverse: I don't think I could get serious about anyone whose nooks and crannies I hadn't already explored and found comfortable).

From papersky: Have you ever noticed, nobody ever says books have too many heterosexual people in them?

From skibbley: So, if we were to give everyone in the country a basic amount of money to live on from general taxation and abolish unemployment benefits and associated agencies?

From firecat: Speak well of your body pledge & commentary. I like Stef's commentary and the amended pledge better.

Some silliness:
"Translation" of a Rammstein song. With Fraggles. By transversecity.

The Zombie Food Pyramid. By moosl. I want this on a t-shirt. Hell, everyone wants this on a t-shirt!

Links, that you may have seen other people posting in the last 2 weeks :P :
We Have No Comment About The Name Of This Box Of Walmart Fireworks

News: A possible squid/octopus hybrid has been found?

Earth Erotica Photography by Heather Firth. Technically work-safe photographs of... rocks, and landscapes, and trees... that look like interesting parts of people. Really rather interesting.

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