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Getcha HP spoilers here.

I would just like to confirm that all of the Harry Potter conspiracy stories are true. Yes, all of them. Even the ones that contradict each other.

Edit: 02:26 - Updated with some more info.
Edit: 13:35 - Fixed.

Harry dies. And also survives. I have no idea how the bookmakers are going to pay out on that, because both of "Harry dies" and "Harry survives" are true.

Dumbledore was really dead! But then comes back to life! Harry gets to talk to him in the temporary "afterlife" he goes into after being killed by Voldemort, but before being revived by the Resurrection Stone.

Harry & co finally find out that Snape is a good guy. But only after Snape dies for the cause.

Harry is the seventh Horcrux.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny & Hagrid all survive.

Malfoy lives! All the Malfoys live! It becomes obvious from the first chapter that the Malfoys are terrified of Voldemort and would like to stop anytime.

Goyle survives, Crabbe dies.

The last chapter is set nineteen years later, and features Harry & Ginny's children Albus, James and Lily; and Ron & Hermione's children Rose and Hugo; and Draco's child Scorpius.

Lupin and Tonks die - but not until after they've got married and had a son. So does Fred :(, and apparently Colin Creevey, the little stalker. George loses an ear but is otherwise ok. Dobby and Hedwig also die - Hedwig in the very first chapter!

I totally forgot - Neville & Luna survive too.

Dudley Dursley becomes a human being!

I haven't read the whole book yet, just got back from the 24 hour ASDA with my £5 copy, so I've only read the last few chapters. But enjoy the delicious spoilerage!
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