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All about Alton Towers.

Alton Towers was, of course, brilliant. Not that I was doubting it would be :) Going up midweek, away from school holidays, was definitely the thing to do. It helped that the weather was awful. The longest we queued for any ride was 20 minutes for the Black Hole, and that was when it was actually raining (it's one of the few indoor rides at AT).

We went on Nemesis and Oblivion, the two biggest rollercoasters, three times each. Both of those are rides that I have queued for over an hour for before - I remember standing in a queue for Nemesis for 75 minutes. This time, as the park was so empty, we queued for 10 minutes the first time, and walked straight on the second. Amazing. As were the rides. Nemesis is a very fast hanging coaster, with several loops and inversions - it's exhilarating rather than frightening. Oblivion is the UK's first vertical drop rollercoaster - terrifying just before the drop, when the carriage is tilted down and hung there for a few seconds so that you can see how far you have to fall, but utterly thrilling afterwards. These are the kind of rides that work better than any mind-expanding drug for making me feel alive.

We also did the Black Hole and Runaway Train three times, because they're both really good fun. I would have been happy to do each of them several more times (I want a Black Hole in my garden!), but there was plenty of other things to see. We went on the Boneshaker and Corkscrew twice - and Hex, the Log Flume, Congo River Rapids and Haunted House once. I did like the Haunted House - it's probably the scariest ghost train that I've ever been in. We've never bothered with it before, because it's just not worth wasting time queuing there when you could be queuing for one of the big rides, but it's definitely worth going in if there aren't any queues. We didn't bother with Ripsaw or the Blade because they're identical to rides at Chessington (the Rameses Revenge and Black Buccaneer), and neither of us fancied the Enterprise, which is a "spin 'em and puke" ride. The only thing we missed that I really wanted to do was Submission, this year's new ride. This is similar to a pirate ship, but rather than just swinging up and back, you go all the way over, and are held at the top for about 10 seconds. Richard just didn't fancy that.

So Alton Towers was great and the b&b was lovely, and we've decided we are never going there again at a weekend, only ever midweek, and preferably away from school holidays. It's just not fun spending an hour queuing for everything and only getting to go on six or seven rides in a whole day. We had lots of time to walk around and eat properly and enjoy being there. We also saw a model of the new rollercoaster that's being built at the moment - Air - and peered in through windows in the fence surrounding it. It looks absolutely fantastic! It's another hanging coaster, but rather than sitting upright, you are leaning down at an angle - basically, as if you were flying. Wow! I have to go on it as soon as possible.

The only downer was various problems with public transport. I was going to rant about these, but I'm not sure I can be bothered now. Why waste valuable energy in a rant about something I can't fix, when I could be using it to write something interesting?

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