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How to make money on the internet by ripping off gullible idiots.

Security level changed to Public on Thu 11 Apr 2002.

Have a look at http://www.bigextramoney.com. Does anything strike you as strange about the site? If you don't get what I mean from that alone, try requesting the free information. You'll have to provide them with a phone number and email address, but I don't think they do any checks as to whether that information is valid, so you can just make one up. You'll get redirected to another site (http://www.hbitl.net/default.htm). Have a good read of it, particularly the bit entitled "Your Next Step".

The site's all about how to make lots of money. Strangely, it doesn't say anywhere how you make the money. It goes on and on about the big company that will be backing you, but doesn't say anywhere what the company does or what you will be doing, other than that you need net access. To get any information like that, you have to send them £36. Hmmm, says h-l, looking decidedly unconvinced.

This is almost certainly a scam. The fact that the web site says in large letters "this is not a scam" doesn't convince me otherwise. Why would you need to send £36 for further information if it wasn't? My suspicion is that the way you make money is to set up your own domain, then give out flyers in the area in which you live inviting people to look at your website. The site, of course, follows a standard pattern - lots of bombardment with "don't you want to make lots of money?" stuff, but no actual information. The poor gullible idiots have to hand over money to get the information. And I bet that the information they receive will simply say "You've been had", and explain the trick. I bet this is even legal in the UK - but it's dodgy as hell.


Update: I've confirmed that this is a scam. I went through a pile of old job papers that I had around, and looked for all the "make money fast" adverts. I took the URLs posted in said adverts, and did a whois on the domain. They are all owned by different people, but all point to the same servers. There must be hundreds, or possibly thousands of domains all pointing to hbitl.net, with websites identical apart from the ?DistID= number in the URL that follows http://hbitl.net/index1.htm. Fucking hell - I can see how many people got ripped off and decided to do the same to others, but how many people have been ripped off and now can't do a thing about it?

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