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once an obsessive...
OK, I'm sorting through a box of papers from ~1999 here, and I've found some really bizarre things I need to share with you. There's a green book of squared paper containing hand-drawn maps for a MUD I used to play, and all the solutions to the quests in the game - most of them, typed & printed, but some hand-written into the book. That doesn't surprise me at all - as soon as I saw the book's cover, I knew what it was; and I was expecting to find it in some box or another. And it's hardly news that I was that obsessed with Nanvaent at the time. The amusing thing is the tick chart of which quests I'd done with which of my characters - with columns for "Done with astra", Danny, Abigail, Gregor, Netscape and... Lamppost?

When on earth did I have a MUD character called Lamppost?! I don't even remember that! *boggles*

There are also many sheets of paper with information about the career paths in The Sims & Livin' It Up (called Livin' Large elsewhere in the world). It has the times when they go to & return from work, the necessary skill points to advance careers, and how much they earn. Again, so far, not surprising - my old laptop & Sims 1 really didn't multi-task all that well, so referring to an FAQ on the computer itself was more annoying than simply printing it out. However, inamongst these pages, I've found a printout of an Excel graph which plots the salary in simoleons against the level of job (from 1 to 10) in the career for each of the 15 careers!

How obsessed was I?

There's a reason I don't touch any drugs apart from chocolate and those prescribed by my doctor. Video game obsession may be dangerous to sleep patterns, but only a handful of really crazy people have ever died from it.

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jinian From: jinian Date: 9th August 2007 17:07 (UTC) (Link)
Good thing massive geekery is adorable. :)
blueshimmer From: blueshimmer Date: 9th August 2007 20:34 (UTC) (Link)
i think this is why we get along really well, H-L -- I'm very much the same way about stuff. Not necessarily The Sims or The Sims 2, but you should see some of the depth and details I've gone into in some obsessions.

Which is one very good reason why I don't really ever want to try drinking; I'm afraid of what will happen if I find something I like.
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