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my mum's 60th birthday trip to Belgium-land

Why is it so damn difficult to book travel & accommodation for an odd number of people? Almost all the websites I've seen price rooms for exact multiples of 2 adults, which is great if you're in couples, but not so great otherwise. I understand that a lot of hotels charge "single room supplements" if there's only 1 person in a double room; but in the modern age with databases etc, it shouldn't be so very difficult to factor that into an automated system.

After enormous amounts of faffing (~4 hours, I believe), I've booked directly through Eurostar a 1-4 person appartment in Ste Catherine. It looks like you get a reasonable amount of privacy between the two rooms, which is good. But argh, that took some doing.

We're going to Brussels on Fri 24-Aug-07, 10:43 train, arriving at 14:02 and returning on Sun 26-Aug-07, 20:28 train, arriving at 21:56. This means we have the bank holiday Monday to recover from the trip.
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