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randomness from the last night of BiCon 2007

Waaah! It's the end of BiCon!! Everyone in my flat has either gone home or is at a party somewhere else. There's a communal party outside but it's TOO COLD. And both my girlies are in bed elsewhere so I'm on my own, having post-BiCon comedown even though I haven't left yet! Tomorrow, we have to be up & out of the accommodation at the completely unreasonable hour of 10am :X

Wi-fi turned out to be a lie, and I didn't realise my laptop could do a wired connection (!), so this is the first time I've been online from my computer at the con. So I haven't bothered writing anything yet :P A full writeup of BiCon will follow much, much later (I'll add it to the queue after my alt.polycon report & New York travel log & soc.biter wedding & Canadian travel reports... oh, and there's also some Paris & Canada photos to upload, and last year's Manchester BiFest report that's half-written on the computer if I ever have time. (!!)), but here are some random comments to amuse you until then:

Conversation between me & mhw a few minutes ago:
Kay: I'm not saying "I don't want to go home" this year, I'm saying "I don't want it to be over". I do want to go home.
h-l: I want to go home to my own bed, but still be at BiCon.
Kay: Wahoo, BiCon in h-l's bed!

Comment made by softfruit earlier this evening: "Honestly, some people - expecting people at BiCon to be wearing knickers!"

Random people who met me at BiCon: please note, my friends list adding policy is here (brief version: feel free to add me without asking, but I will only add you back if I know you well enough to trust because my livejournal "friends" list == my trusted people list, not my reading list. I only read about 1/3 of the journals on my list and I read several others that aren't on my list. I may well read your journal if you add me even if I don't add you back. I do really need to have a livejournal dead-journal prune, but that should wait until I'm home again.)
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