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back home for a few days

BiCon was awesome, but now I'm at home with a bag full of dirty clothes that I can't wash as our washing machine is still broken, and a slight temperature which I'm hoping isn't the start of BiCon lurgy. The clothing situation is getting rather desperate, as Richard & I are going away on Friday and it's not as if my mum has a functioning washing machine either. (She'd been using ours, which Richard insists is the reason it broke - "you let your mother touch it, so it got her Curse Of Domestic Appliances!"). The wuzzie claims he is now 75% sure what's wrong with it and has ordered the part which may fix it, but it's going to take "3 to 5 days" to arrive, and even then it might not work.

I tried phoning hatter to see if I could take our clothes round there to wash (as they live the closest to us of all our friends), but apparently he & bfo are going away on Wednesday and need to get all of their clothes washed before that. Going to the laundrette isn't really a viable option as I'm allergic to "everything" (e.g. other people's detergents, washing powders, drying "sheets"); and while I contemplated doing a 90 degree wash to clean a machine out followed by my usual 40 degree wash, the fact exists that we live in a relatively posh area and laundrettes just don't exist round here anymore. Going to use the washing machines of other London friends gets progressively more silly as I consider where they live; and none of them are at home during the daytime, meaning I'd have to go round there, put my laundry in their machine, then sit and annoy them for the rest of the evening while I waited for it to be washed and dried (as laundry weighs twice as much when wet). Just not terribly practical, y'know?

On the way home from BiCon I tidied up some of the posts I wrote while away in Canada, and have posted them as backdated entries:
Toronto Zoo and dinner with BC & Siobhan.
Shopping strangeness in Toronto.
The European experience of the drive-through cinema.

If you want to read all of my Canada posts in order, this is the first entry, then use Next. Here's the list of what I/we did each day, so you can see what I still need to write about (the wedding, possibly Niagara Falls, and Canada's Paramount Wonderland).
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