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Mew - helen-louise
AARRGHH!! I'm such an idiot!

There's this 'event' going on in the UK at the moment where you can finally download the rare Pokemon Mew onto a Game Boy Advance cartridge. You have to visit a random Toys'R'Us somewhere in the country with... a Game Boy Advance (not DS) and the cartridge/s. (Personally, I have Sapphire, Ruby, Fire Red, Leaf Green and Emerald, so I hope I'll get 5 Mews.)

Because I am a moron and this information dropped out of my head, the times when it's near me (Reading, Croydon & Brent Cross) are this weekend from Friday-Sunday - when I will be in Brussels.

Because I'm not just a moron but also disorganised, I just found out that it was in Cardiff last Saturday - 20 minutes by train from where I was staying for BiCon! AAAAARRRRGHHH!!!

Now I have to find out where the hell the Toys'R'Us in Oxford is, and whether getting there on Thursday is practical, considering I have work in New Malden at 5pm.

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From: x_mass Date: 22nd August 2007 16:11 (UTC) (Link)
ok the toys'r'us is on botley road and its certainly tricycable from the railway station
basically turn right out of the train station and ride down the botley road and it on the right hand side, past the pc world, and past the curry's, you will see it large as life from the road way. I'm afraid my car will be heading towards swindon in the morning but we could/should be back by early afternoon i think
if you look at this hybrid map the train station is on the far right (you'll arrive on platform 2 on the left side of the station in the map) and the toys'r'us is on the far left of the map. its the last warehouse with a white top on the bottom half of the map before you get to the warehouse with the blue roof.
I hope that helps

From: x_mass Date: 22nd August 2007 16:27 (UTC) (Link)
From: x_mass Date: 22nd August 2007 16:32 (UTC) (Link)
sorry the map above is slightly wrong its pointing at the comet/argos building which is next to toy'r'us. The walk distance as it says is just over a mile.
From: x_mass Date: 22nd August 2007 16:38 (UTC) (Link)
apparently we are due to be in swindon by 2pm tomorrow so we are free in oxford until about midday, if you can get here by say 11 am ish?
From: x_mass Date: 22nd August 2007 16:47 (UTC) (Link)
apparently you can get a train from kingston at 5 to 9
that will get you into oxford by about 20 past 11 which will should give us enough time to get you to toy'r'us before we have to head off to swindon and we can put you back on a train to new malden
does that help ?
baratron From: baratron Date: 22nd August 2007 23:46 (UTC) (Link)
Trainline links get deleted after a few hours.. possibly, after a few minutes, so I couldn't see what you were linking to. But I do know the likelihood of me being on a train at 8.55am is nil. I don't function at that time of day, and travelling before 9.30am is too expensive for something not actually very important. We're getting the train at 9.21am on Friday to catch the Eurostar, and that will involve a great deal of personal effort.

I have a variety of possible routes to take. The easiest way to get from here to Oxford is the 285 bus to Heathrow then the Oxford link coach that Alexa gets when she visits me, but I really hate that route. The 285 is one of these routes that *should* take about an hour, but is very prone to traffic due to travelling a lot of the way on roads that only have one lane in each direction, and no dedicated bus lane. It can take closer to 2 hours. I also hate Heathrow Central Bus Station because of all the pollution from the incoming aeroplanes that make it hard to breathe, so try to avoid changing there unless necessary.

The next easiest way is the 65 bus to Ealing Broadway, then the slow train from there to Oxford. This takes about 2.5 hours in total including walking and waiting. A third way - how National Rail Enquiries wants to send me - is via Twickenham then slow South West Trains train to Reading, but that involves an entire hour of hanging around at various stations, and is very annoying. The fourth option is to go via Waterloo then fast train from Paddington, but this takes longer than the slow SWT train and costs more due to the London + Tube routing.

I'm most likely to do the 65 to Ealing Broadway, because I can play my game on the way and not have to think too hard. I know that the trains are at 07 and 37 past the hour as I already looked them up, so it's easy. I may come back the same way, or via Reading & Twickenham if the return trains work better. I can't see me leaving here realistically before 10.30am, and I don't want you to be late for your appointment in Swindon. I'll walk or find a bus.
From: x_mass Date: 22nd August 2007 16:55 (UTC) (Link)

sorry for all the spam I just trying to be helpful

lists the last train you could get back is about 2.30
or you could find your own way to and from Paddington and the trains run about every half hour
baratron From: baratron Date: 22nd August 2007 23:47 (UTC) (Link)

Re: sorry for all the spam I just trying to be helpful

I wish a person could edit their own livejournal comments! That'd make it easier.

About 2.30pm's what I think too... hopefully it won't be too difficult.
From: x_mass Date: 23rd August 2007 09:24 (UTC) (Link)
oxford bus company no. 4 to botley, Cumnor
stagecoach doesn't seem to have one
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