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brief life update from the person with no spare time

Work for money is starting again - I have 4, or possibly 5, students continuing from last year, and 1 new one (so far). This is quite a nice number to ease back into. I enjoy my job and - as long as I'm careful about numbers of students & where I work - it gives me energy rather than sapping it. I seem to "need" a certain amount of chemistry in my life in order to be happy.

I'm trying to adjust my diet so that I'm eating around 2000 kcal a day rather than a scary higher amount. I've made some discoveries about portion sizes and what my stomach can bear for me to eat first thing in the morning, but am still going through the stage of being insanely, ravenously hungry every so often. It's just as well that medication & medical issues have prevented me from ever doing one of those 24 hour sponsored famine things, as I get ridiculously irritable and bad-tempered when hungry, as well as unable to focus on anything except my empty belly. Hmm.

Should write about the Brussels trip sometime, but have been spending the feeble amount of time I've had online lately Pokemon-geeking. I'm trying to decide on my final team of 6 before the last part of the game, and have been checking movesets & stuff. Richard has been playing Wii Play and Zelda: Twilight Princess, which is fine except I have to keep looking stuff up for him in faqs :)
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