helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

note to London people

Richard is working late this week (2pm-11pm), which is great for his body clock - it means he gets to roll out of bed at 11.30am and not be late for work. But it means I get lonely in the evenings due to not having anyone here, so I'm looking for things to do. I guess I'll probably go to BU tomorrow (don't fancy going to the Kingston Cycling Campaign meeting for the first time by myself), though not before 8pm due to work. Will aegidian or any members of his household be there? I have a DVD to return that I've had for *mumble* years.

On Thursday I have a student until 8pm at home, which isn't amazingly compatible with seeing anyone unless they come here, but I could be free on Wednesday and Friday. I can cook, if anyone wants to come here & get fed! Or we could go out (with half-price cinema on Orange Wednesday), but I'm not amazingly flush with cash at the moment, due to it being the very start of the academic year. However, it might be nice to see people that I haven't seen in ages, especially as I can now go into pubs and breathe (yay smoking ban!).
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