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wanted: eczema-safe environmentally-friendly human washing stuff!

So, as part of an ongoing effort to replace the cleaning chemicals in my life with alternative cleaning chemicals from more natural sources, I switched from Carex Sensitive handwash & shower gel to one by Ecover. Coincidentally, having bought these things, Ecover & the Vegan Society had a fairly public falling-out, the result of which is that Ecover is officially no longer vegan. I'm not sure I care about the veganicity of my household products, but I do care about the environmental impact of them. However, the Ecover has turned out to be No Use for me because, for the first time ever, I have itchy, flaky eczema all over my left hand & wrist, and really irritated arms. This is annoying, because while I've technically had eczema for years, it's never manifested to this degree before.

So I need to find a new shower gel & handwash. I would prefer it to be at least vegetarian, and the chemicals in it should be natural source plant extract type things (or at least nature identical). I also want it to not give me itchy bloody eczema! I have ridiculously sensitive skin, though the majority of things I react to are either animal-derived (lanolin, casein) or common allergens (latex, rue). I'd also prefer it to have as little smell as possible, or food-type smells. (Flowery fragrances make me nauseous, but cinnamon, vanilla & cocoa are good.) I don't care about cost, within reason. (£5 is the most I'd expect to pay for a normal-sized bottle of shower gel.)

Tags: allergies suck, hippyism, vegan

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