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entropy is a measure of disorder

I have been attempting to reduce the entropy of our house. This would apparently contravene the Second Law of Thermodynamics except - fortunately! - our house is not a closed system. This allows me to transfer large quantities of matter out of the system to such useful places as the recycling bin and charity shop. Hooray!

Wouldn't it be great if we only had to bring into the house what we actually use? Like if all the food could enter without its packaging? Even though I try my best not to bring new plastic bags into the house, still vast numbers of plastic bags come in! And there are Tetrapaks and cardboard boxes, and newspapers - why can't you get edible newspapers? I know you can read the news online, but I prefer the physical paper edition. I don't prefer the fact the newspaper comes with a load of pages, adverts and supplements that I don't want to read, though. Hmm.
Tags: house, second law of thermodynamics

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