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I believe this is why they invented the "exanimate" mood icon. - helen-louise
I believe this is why they invented the "exanimate" mood icon.
Ugh. I was supposed to be teaching a student today from 4-5pm. But I had rampant, raging insomnia last night and was still awake at gone 6am. It was the sort of insomnia where I lay there in bed making up stories in my head because I was too tired to move, and wondering why I wasn't asleep yet. I know when you're struck with initial insomnia & are still awake an hour or more after you went to bed that you're supposed to get out of bed and do something until you're tired enough to sleep - but that would have required energy that I just didn't have.

Dragged myself out of bed at 2.30pm, having slept fitfully due to the outside world being awake & making noise, attempted to get organised for the lesson, went into town to get breakfast & crashed the trike into a lamppost due to inability to judge distances (something that I've never done before. It & I are both fine). Bought bread & juice & ate it, took vitamins, paid some cheques in, found I didn't have enough money to buy hot chocolate due to forgetting that I needed to put more money in my purse, cycled back in the direction of the house at half the speed I normally would. Realised I didn't have enough concentration to cycle a further 20 minutes on roads with actual traffic, let alone cycle there & back & teach A-level chemistry inbetween, and phoned to cancel the lesson - feeling like crap because this is only my second lesson with that student. Now sitting in front of the computer, so tired I just want to go to sleep - except I have to stay awake until at least 10 or 11pm so that I sleep tonight and wake up in the morning. Urrgh.

Current Mood: exanimate exanimate

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From: artremis Date: 17th September 2007 23:05 (UTC) (Link)
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