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Ahoy, me hearties! Mehopes yer've all been talkin' loike pirates teday? Oi bin forgettin' it be Talk Loike A Pirate day, so Oi bin talkin' mostly loike an h-l. But Oi rememb'red when Oi logged ont' yer interwebbywotsit an' saw t' date an' yer posts by me fellow pirates. Now Oi be talkin' loike pirate on yer Oi Arrr Sea channels. Someone on t' #pokecharms channel be askin' about Pokeyman movesets an' Oi be replyin' in pirate. Methinks it be confusin' 'im somewhat. 'Is Farfetch'd be short o' Attack stat, methinks, so p'r'aps Swords Dance be good fer it. It don't learn Cutlass Dance, tho'. That be sad.

Oi bin wonderin' if yer've spotted any lusty wenches on yer travels teday? Meknows pirates loike te travel, all o'er the high seas o' the interwebbywotsit, an' there of'n be lusty wenches where we go. Mebbe ye had yerself a drink o'rum? There be only 17 minutes o' talkin' loike pirate in me timezone, so methinks Oi'ave to get i' in now an' be done wi' it, yerknow? Mehopes there ain't too many landlubbers on me friends list. It be fine celebratin' wi' yer piratical chums, but no' so much wi' yer landlubbers. Unless they be lusty wenches who want t' larn 'emselves t' ways o' yer pirates, o'course!

Me friend Lythie o'#commonroom be ill - we be hopin' it's not scurvy. We bin throwin' oranges an' limes at 'er, in case. fluffymormegil be a fun-thievin' scurvy swab wi' t'Plague, but 'e says there's no need to be frettin', lass! There be a lot o'ill around, methinks. Mebbe rum be good for killin' wee beasties? Mebbe rum wi' oranges, that be an idea.

Now it be pas' midnight in me timezone, but Oi be talkin' loike a pirate til me hammock time. Me head i' full o' yer piraticality. Arrr! Oi be in search o' treasure fer me Pokeyman meself. Bin lookin' fer booty an' battlin' tips, but Oi ain't found 'em yet. Aye, this be annoyin'. We be prayin' te yer Olde Spaghetti Monster f'r 'Is help, wi' 'Is Noodly Appendages.

This post brought to you by International Talk Like A Pirate Day, something I can do far better in text than in person ;D
Tags: talking like a pirate, yes i'm a geek

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