helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

not very important news

I am still not well! Argh! Same thing: achey legs/joint pain, upset stomach, period pain & slight temperature. It's unpleasant, because paracetamol isn't quite enough for the period pain, but I don't want to take codeine because my tummy's already not right. And I can't take aspirin derivatives because I react badly to at least three of them. Meh. Today I got the bus to work instead of cycling & was sufficiently able to think to teach, which is an improvement over the weekend. But I really have to be better by tomorrow, because I have two students on Tuesdays that I can only easily get to by cycle.

I would like to be congratulated because, despite feeling nasty, I spent about 3-4 hours tonight sorting out paperwork in the front room downstairs. There is a noticeable improvement in the amount of paper lying around, some junk is now in the recycling bin, junk with personal information on is in the shredder, and all of the worksheets I'm keeping because they might be useful are in piles saying what they are ("GCSE Biology", "A-level Chemistry"). In addition to this, my GCSE Physics pile has been sorted into a ring binder, by difficulty and topic - so all of the Foundation tier Electricity questions are together, for example. I am mighty! RAR! I couldn't get any further due to lack of subject divider cards, so I'll go out & buy a couple more sets of those tomorrow.

None of my stuff really seems important compared to the actual important news of the day, though.
Tags: house, just another boring life update, moaning

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