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"A Gay Man's Worst Nightmare"

Tim and Peter come to play games/watch videos with us most Sundays. This week, Richard was off to Berlin horribly early on Monday morning, so they came round much earlier than usual. In fact, they arrived having not had lunch. I gave them a box of Alton Towers fudge to stop them from dying of hunger while we got ready. Tim happily ate some, but Peter turned it over and read the ingredients, and declared "Sugar... glucose syrup... fat... it's a gay man's worst nightmare!".

Well, last night we went out for dinner to a place that's heaven for a body-conscious gay man. It was Nando's, a Portuguese chicken shop that we've walked past many times but never actually been in before. They do lots of healthy salads, pitta bread and grilled chicken, along with enough veggie options to keep me happy - and for dessert, there is unlimited 97% fat free frozen yogurt! What more could a gay guy ask for? Cute waiters? Erm, out of luck on that one, boys.

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