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Latest Burmese news is worse.

Currently, this is the top story on the BBC's news site: Burma's military leaders have imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew in the main cities Rangoon and Mandalay. Armed troops have now been deployed. As well as the night-time curfew there is also a ban on "gatherings of more than 5 people".

Whatever else may be wrong with George W Bush, I approve of his current stance. He has said that the US is "outraged" by Burma's human rights record and announced further sanctions.

Sanctions from the US are, however, unlikely to have much influence without China and India, Burma's main trading partners getting involved. China has remained largely silent about the current protests. However, with next year's Olympics taking place in Beijing, the Chinese government has something of a dilemma.

New photos of the protests.
This launches a media player to watch President Bush speak on the subject (about 5 1/2 minutes in).
This launches a media player to watch footage of the protests.

What can you do?
  • Pray / send positive energy / thoughts for strength. It might sound sappy, but it could help.
  • Tell other people what is happening. Link to the BBC or Wikipedia or other relatively unbiased news sources.
  • US people: Write to your senators or state representatives to let them know you are pleased with the decision for sanctions. (This will work especially well if both you & your state representative are non-Bush supporters normally.)
  • UK people: Contact your MP to register your concern for the situation and request the Government speak out/impose sanctions against the military junta. Find out who your MP is & get their email address.
I'll leave comments enabled and update these posts with links to e.g. suggestions of who to contact, lists of email addresses of elected officials in various countries.
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