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link dump - mostly humour, some news

Hmm, I just managed to make maniackatie laugh on irc. I said that tomorrow I'm going to the protest outside the Burmese Embassy and then to Whole Foods while I'm in London - which she said was "Heheh, a very baratron thing to say ;)". Am I really that predictable? ;)

Some links that have nothing to do with the current situation:
Article about the FTM Transtastic Calendar from, of all places, The Sun - link from earwigmc. The article does not use 100% perfect transsexual politics-compliant language, but is so, so positive considering its source. It really says a lot about how LGBT politics in general has come over the past 20 years - even, over the past 5 years - to have an article this positive in a tabloid newspaper. (Er, eek at the edits made to that page in References & External links. Someone with Wikipedia cred needs to revert that page, I think.)

LOLthulhu.com - link from j00j. Like LOLcats, but with Cthulhu. I really like "OH HI - I HELP WIF UR KILLIN". Some of the others are funny but a bit too well-spelled to be true LOL, er, thulus.

Dept. of Some Things We Would Actually Like to Forget: A Children's Treasury of Terrible 9/11 Art - link from booklectic. This page might make you laugh, or it might make you angry. Or it might do both. As the author writes, "How did such a truly awful, gut-wrenching event inspire such stupid crap?". My, er, "favourite" is the Free Medium Fries In Honor of Our Fallen Heroes - as it will really make so much difference to the families of those killed to get a free bag of chips at Burger King. *rolleyes*

Naughty Needles Burlesque - Knitted Burlesque show! Linked by mactavish & I just had to go back through 240 Friends page entries to find that, because I know too many people who might have linked it ;D As work-safe as burlesque gets (i.e. if you work in an adult toy store, no problem, if you work in a bank, better wait 'til you're at home.) I want to see the big bad wolf's knitted tail! I'd also like to see colour photos, ah well.

Lurking at the Aquarium, Brilliant Houdinis of the Deep. OCTOPUS ARTICLE. Goes on about how wonderfully intelligent they are, and features an octopus who can put together a Mr Potato Head. Like this is news to any of you lot! I would seriously have a pet octopus if they didn't have such awfully short lifetimes :(

The Trouble With Tribbles - drawn in the style of Edward Gorey by shaenon. Linked by j00j. Honestly, I'm not a Star Trek fan, but it's still freaking hilarious. Possibly helps for you to be familiar with Edward Gorey, I suppose.

I've noticed that I don't have a "humour" tag. Probably because I'm not convinced that many people share my sense of humour, so I don't feel that I can label things as funny. Hmm.
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