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catching up... but not all the way!

I haven't had time to look at livejournal in more than a week, let alone write in it. I've left things for so long that even if I use filters on my friends page so I only see the entries made by "real" people rather than communities, I still can't see everything before hitting the scrollback limit of 200 entries. Hmmm. The consequence of this is that I have no idea what anyone is up to. If any of you are having a particularly eventful life at the moment and you were wondering why I hadn't posted, emailed or phoned you about it, that's because I haven't seen what you've written yet. Even though I'm writing this now, I won't be able to catch up with anyone's entries until at least Monday or Tuesday. Sorry about that :( If you've written something that you'd like me to see, please email me either the full text or a link with explanation. Thanks!

So, hmmm... I'm not sure how far back to go with catching up. Here's the basic highlights of the past couple of weeks:

Friday 26th October - went to the London bi social in London Bridge with inquis. Met heaps of bi folk & friends that I hadn't seen for a long time, and had a really good conversation with some of them. I enjoyed myself a great deal, and meant to post a long entry listing everything I'd enjoyed about the night and thanking everyone for being interesting, but it's a bit late now.

Saturday 27th October - Neither Richard nor I can remember. Which suggests we might have been sleeping all day, or something. If anyone knows what we were doing, please let us know.

Sunday 28th October - meeping & Peter came round and we discovered that while Nando's food is suitable for Peter even in his most "fear of size 34 trousers"-full moods, it was all far too spicy for Tim. So that was a bit crap. I did some amusing wheeling and dealing between local shops and eBay, and ended up making about £58.

Monday 29th & Tuesday 30th October - Rewrote my CV, again. Rang up & emailed about lots of jobs. I originally planned to list exactly how many jobs in a long livejournal rant, but I can't be bothered anymore. Consider yourselves lucky. Also went round all the temping agencies in Kingston, several of whom rejected me without even bothering to read my CV because I didn't have recent experience in the right areas. Blah.

Wednesday 31st October - Had two job interviews, about which I will write more in another entry. As I was in London with a Travelcard and nothing to do for two hours, I took a couple of buses just to see where they went, then rode the DLR from Bank to Island Gardens for no reason other than that I could. In the evening I saw bfo and hatter, and we watched "Almost Famous" (which I loved, and will review sometime when I get a chance), and ate too much toffee popcorn with strange sausages from the Sizzling Sausages shop.

More catching up tomorrow evening...

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