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Back from today's Burma protest. I, er, might be in the Sunday Mirror tomorrow. Looking exhausted with messy hair. I hope they don't misquote me too badly.

There will be a protest march tomorrow, starting from Trafalgar Square and marching to the Burmese Embassy near Green Park. Participants are asked to meet at Trafalgar Square at 11.30am for a 12 noon start. I will be tricycling with protest banners as there's no way I can walk that far. If you can't manage the march, please consider coming to the Embassy at around 1pm. It is very important to register your disgust with what's happening in Burma. Yesterday's news involved the military shooting at school children. In what world is it okay for armed soldiers to shoot unarmed children? What kind of regime gives those sort of criminal orders?

There are further demonstrations all week. Please consider giving up your lunch hour to shout outside the Burmese Embassy, 12-1pm every day. Apparently on Monday we're going to Downing Street from 2.30-3pm as well.
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