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Japanese videos that are NOT BRAIN-SAFE

Still exhausted for no apparent reason. Real entries postponed until I have enough energy to think in complete sentences.

Someone on Sims sites keeps posting a photo of the Magnetic Asian Spandex Boys. I was intrigued by the photo, and decided to see what else I could find of theirs on teh intarnets. The following videos were the result. Not work-safe (unless you work in a very liberal environment), definitely not brain-safe!

Magnetic Asian Spandex Boys: Censorship. The boys attempt to censor a "rude" magazine photo by painting one of their own bottoms (!). Not subtitled, but I don't think you need to understand what's going on. Plus the random English words are hilarious. DANGER! PAINT! Stand by, OK?

Magnetic Asian Spandex Boys: Littering. In which they attempt to use their magnets to pick up litter (and mostly fail). FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!! Absolutely frickin' hilarious.

Then, as you can never have too many naked Japanese boys, I thought I'd better link you to YATTA. This is a spoof song by a fake "boy band" called Happutai (Green Leaves in English). Wikipedia explains "the sketch is a strongly ironic commentary on attempts by the Japanese government and others to maintain optimism in the face of Japan's severe economic troubles, depicting men impoverished to the degree of having no clothing but the figurative fig leaf ... yet maintaining an irrational, irrepressible belief in their own potential for success". Gosh! There are various versions of this around the internet, but I like this version as you can hear the song properly and it has English subtitles.

There's also an extended mix and another sketch called Golden Leaf - also subtitled. What I can't find at the moment is the original video for MTV-like stations rather than the live version. Oh well.

Enjoy :D.
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