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moan from the other day about chronic fatigue

I am depressed & suffering from quite a lot of body hatred. This week I've had important things to do - to tell people what's going on in Burma & go to the protests - but because of stupid, bloody spoons, i've been collapsed in a heap instead. I thought I had a cold at first, but now the glands in my neck are up, I have itchy, crawly skin all over my body, and I've had a headache for days.

I am frustrated because I generally look after myself quite well. I eat tons of fruit & vegetables, in a high-protein low-fat diet. I take vitamin pills as well! I take all my prescription meds, usually on time, and get around 10 hours of sleep a night. But as soon as I deviate from the plan - let's say, getting only 6 or 7 hours of sleep for a couple of nights, my health collapses. It's just not fair - normal people don't experience catastrophic health failure just because they're a bit busy! And I wouldn't mind so much if i'd been burning the candle at both ends doing fun stuff, but this is important.
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