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It's official.

I am officially the biggest wimp in the world.

So, the other day I hurt my finger - got a friction burn that took a couple of layers of skin off (and that's an interesting story in itself). It was hurting a hell of a lot, so I washed it and put a plaster on it (a special, non-latex one). I should probably point out that the injury in question is perhaps 7mm long by 5mm wide - absolutely tiny.

My finger got knocked in the night and bled a bit, but I thought it was ok & left it all day yesterday. Today, it was still really hurting, so I pulled the plaster off to have a look - and almost passed out! The top layer of healing skin had got itself stuck to the plaster - to the non-sticky "protective" part, so I don't know how it happened. But the pain and very minor gore was enough that I had to lie down very quickly and stay lying down while I slowly extricated myself. I still felt hot and cold and nauseous 10 minutes later! Even now, many hours later writing this, I'm coming over all sick & faint!

Ok, I know that I'm squeamish, and have a medical phobia - but that response is just pathetic! It really did hurt hugely for such a small injury... I know hands, and fingers in particular, have a lot of nerves in them, but even then! And it's been much better since I separated my skin from the old plaster, so it was obviously the right thing to do.
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