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I would just like to say... - helen-louise
I would just like to say...
...that there is nothing that I encounter regularly in my day-to-day life that is more frustrating than an intelligent 15 year old boy who has decided to stop thinking when you still have another 2 hours of lesson left.

I don't particularly like assertions of "all people of binary gender X do Y", but there's a particular kind of don't want to use my brain brattiness that is common in public school-educated teenage boys. Not all of them have it - some are more mature to start with, and it usually improves as they get older. And many of those that do have it don't have it all the time. But I'd rather they were honest with their parents and said "I don't want to have a lesson today" than act like that towards me, because I do, honestly, have better things to do with my life than spend several hours fighting with a child who doesn't want to think. Not because they can't do the work, not because they don't understand the work, but because they're tired & bratty & don't wanna. Yeah, I don't wanna be here either if you're going to behave like that!

And I wouldn't say this is the most frustrating thing in the world, nor is it the most frustrating thing in my life, but it's the most frustrating thing that I come into contact with that could be changed.

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koyote From: koyote Date: 18th October 2007 19:32 (UTC) (Link)
yaknow, having had to deal with similar issues in the past, I wonder if you might not be inadvertently suffering from someone else's ill advised MSG overdose of bad chinese snack. (or sugar fit, or whatever)
baratron From: baratron Date: 18th October 2007 22:08 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, I can tell you by observation what my kids had for lunch. I work at a Korean college. Sometimes the kids come along with whatever Koreans call bento boxes, lots of home-prepared little dishes. Those are great. Sometimes they get Korean brand instant noodles, which are OK. The various Korean noodles have actual FOOD in, and the kids are perfectly normal after eating them. Sometimes, however, they end up buying Pot Noodles from the garage next door. Pot Noodles contain almost no food (a few dried vegetables, some fatty soy protein, and a large number of artificial additives), and if the kids eat those, they are unteachable for the rest of the day. Yeah.

Today's brat kept moaning that he "had flu" and was "dying", despite having no visible signs of illness. (He wasn't coughing or sneezing or anything like that, just a bit snotty & sinusy - no worse than I am on a daily basis because of allergies!). I think as much as anything it was self-inflicted lack of sleep combined with self-chosen poor nutrition (his mum didn't bring him to college today, and he bought his own lunch). Teenagers, however, really don't notice the effect that their diets have on themselves. 'Tis a problem.
brooksmoses From: brooksmoses Date: 3rd November 2007 23:09 (UTC) (Link)
Heh. Sometimes, neither do 31-year-olds.

I wonder how much of my recent lethargy is driven by the days when I've forgotten to eat until early afternoon. Probably a fair bit. Is a thing to ponder (and work on fixing), in any case.
redbird From: redbird Date: 18th October 2007 23:59 (UTC) (Link)
I suspect that the kind of school is at least as relevant as the age or gender, if that makes a difference to your feelings about classifying people.
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