helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

Some links that I've had open in my browser tabs for too long already.

Science & psychology links:
Junkfood Science: It’s better to die of HIV than be fat?, from epi_lj (I think). Warning: It's a review of some seriously BAD SCIENCE, pointing out how asshatted it is. Do not read without a mouth guard if you're inclined to grind your teeth, or without a pillow to cushion your head as you bang it against the wall.

The Observer: Meet Tyran and Leanne - they learnt of love and sex in a school for the disabled. A pioneering policy is breaking an old taboo by encouraging disabled teenagers to form sexual relationships, with help from carers if necessary. From earwigmc. Interesting and moving.

ScienceNOW: Something in the Way She Moves? from geminigirl. Researchers have found that lap dancers earn more when they are in the fertile phase of their menstrual cycle. Now the question is why?

YouTube: The colour-changing card trick!, from Brynne at More Awesome Than You. Requires sound for the full experience. The psychology of this is fascinating.

Silly link:
Amoral Sciences Club: Great Beards in Philosophy, from rowan_leigh on irc. Hahaha!
Tags: links, science

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