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why I love HoopyCat, part n in a long-running series

Transcript from #soc.bi, a few minutes ago. All times local to me. HoopyCat is hoopycat (who no longer uses lj), fluffymormegil is fluffymormegil, astra is me, anathema is geminigirl. Posted with permission.

[23:54] HoopyCat: so, dawn had her first day o' work today. exciting, for sure. :-)
[23:59] HoopyCat: and i'm feeling nice, so i'm going to go refuel the car dawn is driving in the most confusing fashion possible
[00:01] HoopyCat: bbiab
[00:02] fluffymormegil: You're going to summon the petrolpixies to refuel it? :)
[01:04] HoopyCat: woohoo, mission accomplished
[01:06] HoopyCat: and i think i won a round of Perplex the Vagrant Bicyclist
[01:07] astra: oh?
[01:08] HoopyCat: (a toyota prius briskly enters a parking lot, windows down, blasting bob segar, driving right past a stopped bicyclist in the middle of the parking lot. it parks by backing into a spot between two cars. the driver then gets out of the car, locks it, walks up to the car next to it, unlocks it, starts it, rolls the windows down, and blasts freezepop, leaving the parking lot the same way the prius came in.)
[01:08] astra: that's... pretty bizarre, yes :D
[01:13] anathema: Well, we knew you were odd, Hoopy

I didn't just lol, I had a laughing fit that lasted for around 20 seconds of continuous laughter.
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