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For some reason, I don't feel like reading livejournal at the moment. I think I'm overpeopled from work, which is strange and rather unusual for me. Hmm. Maybe it's just that my brain is too full.

This week is proceeding to kill me - my ankle still HURTS, and I noticed today that I'm throwing my weight onto my right knee & ankle despite the stick. I dread to think how bad it would be without. Also, I still can't get to sleep before 1.30am even when I have to be up at 9am. Another issue this evening is I have an unhappy tummy with lots of unpleasant trapped wind. It is further proof of the fact that full-time work doesn't agree with me, like I needed that.

I feel like deleting this entire post, because it's all just moaning, and I am too lacking in spoons to go & be friendly on other people's comments, but I suppose some people would like to know what is up. Whine.
Tags: moaning, spoon management

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