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minor vent about logistics

I really hate student juggling. Specifically, trying to fit multiple students + travel time into the 4 hours which are acceptable for teaching in an evening (4.30-8.30pm). I try to get 4 students a day, but if I have to travel a long way that gets cut down to 3.

Have a potential new student who lives within the area I take students from, but she lives a 40-50 minute round trip from me by bus. It's fine if I could fit her in on a day when I go to New Malden, as I'll already be there - but she's only free on the days I stay in Kingston. Argh! If she could come to me, it'd be fine - I could even take her home afterwards, as I have to get the same bus to exactly the same place for my next student. But her parent is being slightly unreasonable about that. I would have to go into a lot more detail to explain, and I'm too tired.

I'm almost at the point of saying I don't want the work because I can't see how I could fit the girl into my timetable, and I'm not even that booked up yet. This is probably a function of still being ill :/ Sigh.
Tags: damn students, moaning

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