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has anyone seen my will to live (because I seem to have lost it)

So, this morning it was sunny and bright as I walked to the bus stop. Then the bus didn't come for ages, so I had 25 minutes of sitting in the blazing sunshine making all sorts of plans for Things I Wanted To Do This Evening. I was slightly late for my first student due to the lack of transport, but it didn't matter because I was full of energy and taught the 2 hour lesson in an hour and a half.

This evening, it started getting dark at 4.30pm and it was absolutely pitch black when I left my last student's house at 5.45pm. I walked to the bus stop, contemplating how I wanted to get home so I could collapse in a heap and do absolutely nothing for the rest of the night. And wondering if I'll ever be able to find the energy to finish my Japanese version of Pokemon Diamond, because I can't see me being able to come home from work and cope with difficult text that still looks like little pictures rather than words any time for the next few months.

Oh yeah. The clocks changed yesterday. And it's winter, and I have SAD. Cue lots of energy around noon when sun exists, and none at all in the evenings. Blah. *crawls into a hole and waits for the stupid winter to pass*
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