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what decade is this, again? - helen-louise
what decade is this, again?
Congratulate me. I have spent a couple of hours filtering ~6 months worth of email on the linux box and clearing out the spam, so I can now theoretically read mail sent to that account again. Hooray.

And what do I find in my colossal email backlog?

The mighty Wolfsbane have been confirmed as supporting The Wildhearts on their
December UK tour. Blaze Bayley, Jase Edwards, Jeff Hateley and Steve 'Danger'
Ellett will be reforming Wolfsbane for their first UK tour in 13 years when
they take to the stage as very special guests for The Wildhearts. Support also
comes from Damone.

Full dates for the UK tour are as follows:

17/12/07: Wolverhampton, Civic Hall - The Wildhearts
18/12/07: Newcastle, Academy 1 - The Wildhearts
19/12/07: Manchester, Academy 1 - The Wildhearts
20/12/07: Glasgow, Academy 1 - The Wildhearts
21/12/07: London, Astoria - The Wildhearts

Now, I swore I was never going to give Ginger any more money to buy drugs with... but WOLFSBANE? Howling Mad Shithead number 962 can't possibly miss that!! Anyone else up for it? \m/

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lovingboth From: lovingboth Date: 30th November 2007 07:38 (UTC) (Link)
Did my offer of an Archimedes get through?

The deadline for acceptance is nigh...
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