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new beds!

I am currently suffering from a severe shortage of spoons. Not sure why - there isn't anything specifically wrong at the moment, but I've been feeling that my job entirely wipes me out (all 3-4 hours a day of it). I've gone back to bed in the middle of the day several days this week, which is something I never do because I can't go back to sleep - except I've been lying down and having the hour disappear, which implies that I must have been in some sort of altered consciousness state even if not actually asleep.

So I haven't been writing anything very much, or keeping up with livejournal particularly, or even thinking of other people outside my head. Which makes me feel like a bad person because I usually try to be a good friend to others, even at considerable distance. But feeling guilty is not conducive to spoon regeneration, so I should stop that. Just too tired to think of much.

Today our new beds came. This is exciting, as when we ordered them we were told it'd be 8-9 weeks, and they've come in a little under 4 weeks. Also, when Bentalls phoned last week to say they had our order, it was bed singular, not beds plural. (Richard & I have different preferences for mattresses, and we also consider that 4' 6" is not enough space for two adults to sleep on a regular basis, so we've bought two single beds rather than one double.) I'm not sure when the other one turned up, but it was here today. It was also useful that they arrived on a day that Richard had booked off from work, as it's taken a bit of effort to get them unpacked and airing. Right now, I have more cardboard and Tetrapaks to take to the recycling than ever before (probably about 3 tricycle loads), but no motivation to move from the sofa at all. Must... acquire... spoons.

The plan for tomorrow involves me getting a Travelcard before I go to work, working 3.5 hours at the college of doom, and then going to Ikea to purchase more bed linens and a shelving solution to store cuddly creatures on. (My allergies mean it's a good idea to limit the number that share the bed with us, but we still want to have them nearby.) I hope that spoons will exist by then.

Oooh, Richard returns to tell me it is raining, so there's my excuse for not taking the cardboard out :P
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