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it's that Family Obligation season again

The weekend featured some absolutely fantastic bits and some unspeakably awful bits - some of which involve other people's privacy so I can't even tell you about. As a result I am really stressed and have been bursting into tears.

I have also been having dreadful insomnia, as in total inability to get to sleep at what I'd consider a sensible hour. If I know I need to be at work at 11.30am and I'm falling asleep at half past midnight, why will my body not let me sleep before 2am? Then, having got up at 10am after not enough sleep, why did my brain not shut down until 4am? This was before the bad stressful thing happened too, so it wasn't even that. I think it's just pre-Christmas stress. Yay.

I am even more disorganised about Christmas than usual. I've bought presents for Richard's nephew and my mum, but not for any of our other relatives, at all. Some of this has been the fault of the Cancer Research Christmas catalogue people - placed an order at the start of November which still hasn't arrived yet. Apparently they've been severely messed around by a supplier and have had to discontinue several products, which would've been great if we'd got the email telling us that so I could replace them. Argh! I haven't even finished buying things for our friends (who are generally easy to buy for). I seem to be working more hours than I usually do at this time of year, because I haven't been having enough free time to do housework and house organising and present organising. Or maybe I just have fewer spoons, not sure.
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