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Christmas cards! - helen-louise
Christmas cards!
I am now feeling slightly more Christmassy. Hooray!

I'm very behind with the sending out of cards, but I will definitely do some. I really like paper cards. I like the acknowledgement that the people I've met on the internet are as real as the people I've met in my walking-around life. I'm not sure that the environmental cost is all that great - I keep cards for years, and eventually recycle them. But I recognise that some people feel differently, which is why there's an option for e-cards.

I don't care about reciprocity - obviously, I like getting cards at least as much as I enjoy sending them. But I know about lack of spoons, and if getting a card from me would cheer you up, you don't have to feel guilty about not sending me one.

Poll #1104642 On Christmas cards & the like

Do you want a Christmas card from me this year?

Yes please - I like paper cards.
Yes please - I prefer e-cards.
No thank you.

I've made comments on this entry screened, so feel free to copy & paste your address in there, or link to a post containing it. Please also tell me the names of any partners, housemates, children or pets who should be mentioned on the card.

My address is here, and I expect you know that I live with a fuzzy ewok called Richard.

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From: x_mass Date: 12th December 2007 06:30 (UTC) (Link)
I love getting cards and really appreciate receiving them - I'm also totally crap at sending them right now

if you feel like sending me cards be it paper or otherwise please do I will appreciate it greatly

thanks for bringing happiness into my life

baratron From: baratron Date: 12th December 2007 17:53 (UTC) (Link)
I don't have your address, though! You'll have to leave it for me in another comment. (Don't reply to this one, as it's unscreened now.)
epi_lj From: epi_lj Date: 12th December 2007 17:22 (UTC) (Link)
I tend to feel guilty about not sending a card back even if the other person says I don't have to, and the holiday is always crazy for me. On the other hand, I'm up for random mail during the year. :) To me, that doesn't contain the same pressure because there's no feeling that I should have known and sent a card in return *already* -- I can send a response and that's fine.
3 comments or Leave a comment