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me moaning about the local Post Office, feel free to ignore

Happy birthday hoopycat, who rarely reads livejournal but is enough of a friend for me to note the day regardless :)

Today I went to the Post Office to post the first installment of Christmas cards. (Yes, the offer is still open, and rmjwell needs to give me his address, as I don't know it and it's not visible on your profile). I went to the sub-Post Office because Post Offices are being shut all over the place in the UK at the moment, often for stupid reasons. For example, one of the Post Offices in central London that always has a queue coming out of the door is being moved into a WH Smith that's open far shorter hours "to improve the service". So I always try to support my local sub-Post Office rather than the main one wherever possible, though it's closed on Wednesday afternoons which is usually when I have stuff to post, for some reason. (Possibly because I don't work until the evening on Wednesdays, whereas I work every other afternoon?). But today was Thursday, so I could go there.

I had two international parcels and two UK parcels, 16 small cards for the US & Canada, 2 small cards for Australia, 1 small card for the EU, 5 large cards for the US & Canada & 9 large cards for the UK. That lot came to ~£40 - and the guy behind the counter was rude to me because I had "too much" stuff and there was a big queue!! Never mind the fact that I had already weighed everything and knew the precise numbers of each type of stamp that I needed or anything like that!

It's actually not the first time he's been rude to me, either. The other time was when I was rushing to get something in the post before getting to work, while the tricycle was broken and I had to walk, and I was out of breath from walking up the hill. He told me that "someone of my age" shouldn't be out of breath walking up that hill. I was a bit too gobsmacked to start relaying the list of medical conditions I suffer from (asthma + bad joints + an evil ankle + scoliosis + IN A HURRY because I'm late for work!), and anyway, Kingston Hill is deceptively steep.

Well, I know what to do now. Next time I'll try the sub-Post Office on Park Road & see if they can be more polite to me, or go to the main Post Office and give them my money instead :P Blah.
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