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I JUST NOW realised that the song "thought balloon" on the new Freezepop album sounds like "untitled song (about a girl of course)" by Trousershock BC! Which is my favourite Trousershock BC song ever, and always was!

Except... Trousershock BC were a small band local to the hometown where I grew up, and there are no more than 200 tapes with that song on in existence. So there is no way on earth that Freezepop, from Boston, USA, could have written a song in 2007 based on a song by TBC from Yateley in Surrey, written in 1992.

The only person that will be in common between TBC & Freezepop will be me (or possibly, inquis). I *was* Trousershock BC's fan club. I don't mean that I was *in* the fan club, or even that I *ran* the fan club - I *was* the fan club! TBC were a *tiny* band that played at a handful of local venues near where I lived. I used to sell tapes for them before & after their shows because I was small and girlie and could persuade people to part with cash (the princely sum of £2). They never even had a record company. They almost got signed to Food Records (who released stuff by e.g. Jesus Jones) but it fell through because Graham the singer was too ugly. Food signed Sensitizer instead, who made one album then disappeared into obscurity.

More likely, the two songs were both inspired by the same original song - but WHAT song?

* baratron hyperventilates

The funny thing is I've been thinking about Trousershock BC a lot lately. I've had a plan for a couple of months now to go through the boxes of stuff I inherited from my parents & look for their demo tapes so I can, er, somehow rig up a device to rip them to MP3. This has pushed that into "really urgent".
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