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Does anyone else who hasn't already answered my poll/commented on this post here want a Christmas card? I have a few left, and the amount of bother required to write cards is not much if they will cheer you up. The cards are Forest Stewardship Ewok approved and part-recycled too, so not too much need to feel guilty about tree wastage. (Actually, the most impressive product I have seen recently was an FSC-approved toilet seat made of reclaimed timber. It ranks right up with the amazing recycled wood MDF skirting boards that Richard's been buying for the rooms we've changed the floors in. I like the FSC, they have a pretty logo, and are obviously a bunch of beardy ewok foresters. Though I can see the point of the critics on the Wikipedia entry - it is difficult for small businesses to get certified. Then again, the entire Fairtrade labelling is based on small businesses, so it must be possible to introduce such a thing fairly.)

In other news, I was going to write a rant about BBC Radio 1's decision to censor the word "faggot" from Fairytale of New York, but then the news story went away. I've always really liked that song, because it's about two people who can't stand each other being stuck together on Christmas Day. Can't think why it would resonate with me... If you read the lyrics, the couple are alcoholics and drug abusers, ranting at each other about lost hopes. While I am bisexual and quite aware of homophobia, I don't consider the use of the word "faggot" homophobic in that context. Yes, it's an insult. But no, it's not homophobic - unless you want to add a load more non-existent context to the song to say that the girl is angry at her lover for liking men - rather than for being an alcoholic who wasted his chances!

Also, it makes me angry that Radio 1 suddenly decided to censor a song that they've been playing uncut for 20 years, even more so when the singer is dead and can't defend herself. According to Kirsty MacColl's web site, she did change the lyrics of that part for a recording for Top of the Pops - but that was a pre-watershed programme aimed at teenagers which many younger children would watch! Blah.

Here is a link to the video of Fairytale of New York by The Pogues & Kirsty MacColl, and Stop the Calvary by Jona Lewie, my other favourite Christmas song. I don't know what it says about me that all the Christmas songs I really like (those two & Last Christmas by Wham!) are all depressing. Hmm!
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