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livejournal-related news.

I've finally caught up with reading everyone else's livejournals! This might not sound like a big achievement, but Richard put some new memory into the computer the other day, and it doesn't seem to be completely compatible with the motherboard. Now, instead of Netscape crashing every hour or two, it won't stay up for more than a couple of minutes at a time. I've had to switch to using Opera, which is a lot more reliable - but even that's been crashing a couple of times a day! You try reading people's web journals when you can't get a bloody web browser to stay up!

Oh, and before anyone does - don't even mention lynx!

I put some new userpics up last week, so I now have the full complement of 10 that I'm entitled to as a paid user. I really like all of them, particularly the arty ones - they're all images I've made myself, although obviously I didn't take all of the original photos :) The pic accompanying this post is my absolute favourite of them, though it doesn't seem appropriate to use as my default userpic.

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