helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

Important Note For Everybody On Drugs.

No, not those sort of drugs. Prescription drugs!

As it's Christmas next week and we have two bank holidays, plus several days of reduced service, you should count up your meds and order anything you'll need now. Most doctors' surgeries take at least 24 hours to process repeat prescriptions, some take 48 hours, and there's no guarantee once you have the prescription that the pharmacy will have your meds in stock. (This applies particularly if you take something very common, which they might run out of, or something unusual, which they simply may not keep.)

I'm not sure how this applies to people outside the UK, but it's probably still worth counting up meds & checking you have enough, in case you're travelling away from home or anything like that.
Tags: better living with modern pharmacology, christmas, uk

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