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too much work!

It's been a very busy few days, and this is set to continue. Working stupid hours for the rest of the school holidays, which means things like 10.30am-6pm tomorrow (Christmas Eve, damnit!) and 10am-8pm on Thursday. Rapidly running out of spoons. Have been learning to say no, which is a thing I've always had trouble with. "No, I really can't take on any more students." "No, I really do not have time to fit in another lesson."

Some interesting things have happened but I'm too freaking tired to talk about them. Maybe tomorrow, once I've got rid of all my students & can collapse in a heap.

Oh yeah, here's one that won't take much effort to relay. Went to Wagamama today and discovered that you can swap any noodle for any other noodle in their dishes. So I could order the soup I like with the rice noodles that don't have egg in, rather than having to eat the soup that's vegan-by-default which I don't really like. (GLARK, cilantro!). This will also be useful for people who can't tolerate wholemeal, or people who actively prefer it. Probably isn't useful for anyone with gluten issues though, because I don't think Wagamama can offer you soups & stocks made with tamari instead of soy sauce (may be possible for the fried things? Worth checking).
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