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Christmas links & present dilemma - helen-louise
Christmas links & present dilemma
The Christmas State of Anchovy is so very amusing to me that I'm posting the link. Keep scrolling right until you reach the end of the image.

epi_lj's contest this year is driving me insane. He takes covers of things and Photoshop(R)s them to remove all the words. This year it's books. I swear I read books - I have several hundred of them in this house, even! But you wouldn't know it from my pathetic entry in the competition.

I have 3 points so far. Anyone want to join brains with me? We can form a team! I don't care about winning, and I don't need the prize - I just don't want to come last!!

I'm rather disappointed with the main thing I've bought for Richard's Christmas present this year. It's the Long Way Home jacket by howies - designed as a BLACK cycling jacket that is - by the wonders of 21st century science! - also reflective in the dark! Somehow I didn't properly understand the description on the website, which says "Made from Schoeller C-Changeô reflex fabric around collar and front arm panels ñ looks black in daylight but becomes reflective when you are riding in the dark" - so it is only the collar and the front arm panels that are reflective :/ And there already exist plenty of other, much cheaper, black cycling jackets that have only patches that are reflective - lots of them with 3M Scotchbrite silver pipings and flashes. I had the impression that it was a black cycling jacket like the violent fluorescent yellow citrus jackets, where the entire thing is reflective. And it isn't, and it makes me sad.

Also, having only a reflective collar is entirely useless for his rear visibility. He has long hair, for god's sake. His hair will entirely cover the back of the collar.

I don't know what to do, really. I was so excited about the product, and it doesn't do what I thought it would. And I didn't buy it through Howies themselves, because it was "only" £175 on wiggle. And I've never dealt with wiggle before, and don't know what they're like with refunds/exchanges. And... meh :/

I really like the look of this black and orange jacket. I also like the black version of the Night Vision.


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thekumquat From: thekumquat Date: 24th December 2007 00:50 (UTC) (Link)
Embarrassingly, I recognise only one of those - part 2, third from bottom - although I could make intelligent guesses for quite a few more, like the classics.
epi_lj From: epi_lj Date: 24th December 2007 04:39 (UTC) (Link)
Worth noting is that it's explicitly okay, by the rules, to use google images, amazon, etc., as a resource for the contest, so if you can make intelligent guesses, you could then check on amazon to verify them and lather/rinse/repeat until you figure them out.

At least one person is, I think, going to physical book stores and gazing at the displays to try to determine more of them.
xiphias From: xiphias Date: 24th December 2007 00:53 (UTC) (Link)
All I've got is STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND, by Heinlein, FARTHING, by papersky and FREAKANOMICS by whoever wrote it. I recognize that the cover painting on one of the books is "Lady With an Ermine" by da Vinci, but the book which I know which has it as its cover, LADY WITH AN ALIEN by Mike Resnick, isn't that book.

baratron From: baratron Date: 24th December 2007 10:14 (UTC) (Link)
I knew Farthing too :)

I wonder if Freakanomics is the cover that's been annoying me for ages? I'll have a look later when I'm not late for work.
epi_lj From: epi_lj Date: 24th December 2007 04:38 (UTC) (Link)
Maybe at this juncture it would be best to just wrap it and give it to him and then after he opens it, explain the situation and you can investigate alternate options together.

(Also, you're not in last place! :) )
baratron From: baratron Date: 24th December 2007 10:15 (UTC) (Link)
Not yet - but I don't recognise any of the books in Part 3!

I mean, book number 4!
epi_lj From: epi_lj Date: 24th December 2007 15:18 (UTC) (Link)
*hehe* Okay, that was a bit of fun for my own amusement, but then someone actually got it! Even I was surprised. I considered taking a photo of it that would be a little more of a tip-off, but now that someone's guessed it, I'll leave it and see. :)
hiddenpaw From: hiddenpaw Date: 24th December 2007 05:50 (UTC) (Link)
I think the plain coloured cover is called something along the lines of "The Dangerous book for boys"
emperor From: emperor Date: 24th December 2007 09:45 (UTC) (Link)
I know the author of 1 book. So, you're 6x better than I am!
the_maenad From: the_maenad Date: 24th December 2007 17:38 (UTC) (Link)
My score on the books thing is a big fat zero. My visual (as opposed to auditory and verbal) memory is so badly fucked it's not funny.
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