helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

A "Christian" perspective on craziness.

My brain has dropped out of my head. Something happened today, and I spent several hours thinking "I should post this to livejournal when I get home", and can I remember what it was now? Of course not. Bah.

I've received a very strange email - a photograph sent from someone's mobile phone of the "evolution museum holding massive numbers of dinosaurs captive to ruin christmas!". It has MANY cuddly/plushy dinosaurs in it, so it's obviously not spam, as I am known for having a dino, but there is no indication of who sent it! Unless the random number in the email address is someone's phone number - but if so, it's not a UK person. Am rather mystified.

Though in a Google search for "evolution museum", I found the utterly terrifying Creation Museum, which offers a "Christian" perspective on evolution. As in a crazy right-wing American "Christian" perspective, as all the Christians I know are sane and scientific. I simply cannot imagine the current Archbishop of Canterbury giving the time of day to the idea of God creating the Earth in a literal seven Earth days, and I believe that all of the mainstream Christian denominations in the UK are in accordance with the idea of God working on a Godly timescale. I wish the crazy religious people hadn't co-opted the same name for their beliefs that has been used for 2000 years by millions of non-crazy people :/

I tried to read a review of the Creation Museum, but it made me all twitchy; and I was ever so glad to find the link for the Unicorn Museum, which sounds much more like somewhere I'd like to visit. Hehehe.

I've had the link for Quixotic Clothing open in my browser for a few days. They don't do anything in my size GRRR damnit, but the Herbivorous Rex and I am a mammal t-shirts are awesome. It seems kinda appropriate to link to them with the rest of the links here :)
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