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Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, and Happy Tuesday/Bah Humbug to everyone who doesn't.

Today we went out for what is becoming the traditional Christmas lunch in this household - to the Riverside Vegetaria restaurant in Kingston with my parents. They didn't follow us back home because my mum is ill with a bad cold, and the house is far too messy for us to have space for them to sit here. Convenient, eh? ;) Of course, the house is messy because this is the first day off we've had for weeks and weeks. It wasn't actually deliberate.

So this evening, despite being very tired, I've done a couple of hours of tidying/recycling. I've sorted out all of the old bedding to go to the charity shop, plus several items of clothing that are unlikely to ever fit me again. We've also "archived" all my summer clothes in one of the new cupboards above the bed, so they're not taking up space in the drawers at the moment. (Richard wears the exact same clothes all year round, just with an extra layer in the winter. It must be nice to be homiothermic!). I've also recycled all of last year's and some of this year's Christmas wrapping paper for presents that we're giving. I love wrapped presents (and hate getting a present wrapped in the plastic bag it was brought back from the shop in) but hate the waste, so it's a good compromise.

We still have much more battling to do against entropy, but I'm running out of spare energy, so plan to collapse with my new Pokemon Battle Revolution game any minute now...
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