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fanfic bonanza!

Blargh. I am still ill. If I celebrated New Year, I'd have been mightily angry that I had to spend last night in a sleeping bag on the sofa instead of out with friends; and if I truly thought you start the new year how you mean to go on, I'd be concerned that this meant I'd be spending the next 366 days snotty and glandy. But I don't, and don't. Just as well, eh?

To add injury to insult, I managed to cut my finger popping an antidepressant pill out of its plastic packaging. O woe is me, even my antidepressants hate me! How emo am I?

Thanks to rosefox's recommendation, I spent the whole of New Year's Eve reading my way through the Yuletide Treasure 2007 archive. Various fanfics in various "obscure" fandoms, some of them not actually very obscure at all.

Slashy stuff:



Vorkosigan stories!:
None of these are the least bit sexual, but fill in gaps in the books. Some of the characterisation is perfect.
Now I need to read the rest of the Lois McMaster Bujold - Vorkosigan series section. I'm a little disturbed by the story marked as Miles/Gregor... which I'm sure will surprise some of you, considering my general fondness for boy-on-boy.

Also mostly non-sexual, for people who aren't interested in that sort of thing.


I do very strongly recommend you don't go browsing the Yuletide Treasure archive unless you have copious free time, though. 6 hours last night plus another 2 hours today... and I read fast, and have only read the stories in fandoms that I have at least a passing familiarity with. Reading the full archive would probably take me an entire 24 hours. Also, if you're at work, go via the links to the Fandoms rather than to the stories themselves, as the site itself gives "ratings" (G, PG, PG-13, NC-17 & R - though I've no idea how such things are calculated).

TOO MUCH READING *head explodes*
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