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thoroughly sick of being sick

Blargh. STILL ill. I want to go back to work tomorrow, because I'm bored rigid with being at home and my kids need me, but I still have a low fever if I don't take paracetamol to bring it down. (Half a degree above my usual body temperature - which doesn't sound like much, but is enough to make me spacey and brain-fried). Still have a sore throat, much snot, and nausea caused by being so snotty, and still need to sleep a huge amount. So I'm not really well enough to go back to work at all, but what can I do when the AS exams are on 10th January?

Also, Richard has had a sore throat since yesterday evening, which makes the likelihood of this being caused by an external virus slightly higher - except that he must also have Epstein-Barr lurking in his white blood cells, as he had glandular fever when he was a teenager. I'm pretty sure that if I was sick with reactivated Epstein-Barr I could only pass it on to people who hadn't already had it, but could my viral load encourage his to start up? I dunno.

Also, I want to crawl into a hole and die. Lots of interesting livejournal posts I could be making, and emails I could be writing, and photos I could be editing and posting - but I'm too tired and frustrated to want to do anything. MORE HEALTH PLEASE.

Some stuff that isn't moaning: How to Calculate Pi by Throwing Frozen Hot Dogs. Yay geeky math humour!

Some shops I just found that have cute stuff to wear: Shana Logic & littleoddforest. I want virtually all of Kid Pirate's t-shirts at Shana Logic, they're just sooo cute. And the Forest Treeling and Leafy plushies at littleoddforest are adorable.
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