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flying to the US

TUESDAY 29 JAN 08 - Virgin Atlantic 3115 (Operated by CONTINENTAL AIRLINES)
DEPART London Gatwick airport (LGW)
ARRIVE Newark Liberty Int'l (EWR)
15:05 08HRS 35MINS

FRIDAY 01 FEB 08 - US Airways 473
DEPART John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)
09:40 NON-STOP
ARRIVE Las Vegas McCarran Intl Airport (LAS)
12:42 06HRS 02MINS

MONDAY 04 FEB 08 - Virgin Atlantic 44
DEPART Las Vegas McCarran Intl Airport (LAS)
16:00 NON-STOP
ARRIVE London Gatwick airport (LGW)
09:50 09HRS 50MINS

I copied & pasted the tables from my post for last alt.polycon, and it really is amazing how much of the information was the same. I mean, flying another 8 hour 35 min flight? on 29th of the month? Wow.

This time round I'm going to New York before alt.polycon, which means we get to lug all our shopping with us across the country, hooray! (Or perhaps, common sense will prevail and we'll post it back to ourselves.) I expect arriving at 12:42 on Friday will mean we arrive around the same time as other people, so if anyone wants to share a ride please let me know. I'm hoping also that we'll be leaving at the same time on Monday as other people - we'll have to leave the hotel around 12:30-13:00 to allow enough time to check in for the transAtlantic flight. The other options were seriously non-ideal - leaving at 16:00 on Sunday (which'd mean immediately after the brunch, which Makes Me Sad) OR leaving just before midnight but flying back via New York or somewhere in Arizona (!) or Los Angeles (!!), having to change plane at obnoxious o'clock in the morning, and getting back to London at 8pm. Ugh. To all of that.

I wonder what I have to do to find out my Terminal numbers? Booked via eBookers this time, so don't have a printed-out itinerary.

My mum & I will be in New York from about 6pm on Tuesday 29th January and available for socialising Wednesday or Thursday lunchtimes or evenings. I would very much like to introduce my mum to redbird, and anyone else who's available. My mum is much harder to feed than I am, but I'm sure we can find somewhere suitable. (Italian is fine as long as they can do vegan things that aren't salads - I don't eat salad in January! Also, if it's a lunchtime meal, I know there are several soup & sandwich places in the midtown area that specifically use the word vegan or vegetarian + dairy-free in labelling as I've seen them before - can't remember details of locations, though.)

Once again, I want Americans' phone numbers! Mobile/cellphone if possible, or whichever number is best to get hold of you at 3pm NY time on a Tuesday. I doubt I shall have trouble getting through Immigration when clearly travelling with my mum, but you never know - that side-trip to Las Vegas might mean that I'm running away to marry someone I met on the internet! I shall screen all comments to this post and unscreen any that don't contain a phone number.

Yay! It's really happening! Yay!!
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