helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

clearing out some of my links

These are various websites I've had open in tabs in my browser for awhile - as long as several months in some cases. So you may have seen them before.

Meeting at Infinity: What Theists and Atheists Can Learn From Each Other. Was linked by... a whole bunch of people.

Separated at birth. Given up as babies and adopted by different families, it took these women 35 years to meet and discover they were identical twins. Linked by booklectic.

The Fantasy of Being Thin by Kate Harding. Linked by griffen and a lot of others. It is well worth reading even if you're nowhere near fat, because the "fantasy" and "magical thinking" she describes could be applied to many different aspects of our bodies. x_mass, you may find this triggery.

William McGonagall - one of the worst poets in the English language. Mentioned on irc by fluffymormegil. His poems are... unbelievably bad!

Short stories:
Anda's Game by Cory Doctorow. A story about gold farming sweatshops in MMORPGs of the near future. It made me cry.

Physics and Chemistry by Jackie Kay. Not sure that I could resist a lesbian love story with that title! It also made me cry, for different reasons. artremis and nitoda will love it.
Tags: fiction, links, religion

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