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Note to self: Going to the doctor can make the virus ease up!

Apparently, what I need to do to make myself less ill is arrange to go & see the doctor. Actually, it was a nurse that I saw. But she peered in my ears and throat and listened to my lungs. And apparently I have the classic symptoms of the current upper respiratory tract infection that's going around in this area, complete with the whole "not buggering off after 6 or 7 days like a normal cold would". I think my virus got scared into submission by how ill everyone else in the surgery was. It's nothing to do with the Covonia cough syrup I started taking yesterday, oh no... ;)

Covonia, btw, is THE most vile and disgusting cough mixture ever in the history of the universe. One of my ex-boyfriends used to like the taste of it because it made his eyes water & made him feel spacey. Anything that strong must be doing you some good. I've been taking it for years and years as it's about the only cough mixture that's suitable for asthmatics to use, and it has actual active ingredients. But it really is nasty.

The reasons I've been so bothered about being ill are 1) because a lot of my kids have exams next week and 2) because being self-employed, I only get paid on days when I am able to go to work. All of this week, I would have been teaching for 5-6 hours a day, and I've missed all those days of work. So I estimate that this illness has cost me conservatively, £600 (~£125 per day). Unconservatively, anything up to £800. Only yesterday I was writing about how spending £800 on flights is a big number. Hmm.
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