helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

A handful of raisins.

Current mood: An overwhelming sense of under-achievement.
I had Friday and Saturday as days off from work, and planned to get several things done. I wanted to clean up our bedroom, sort out my eBay parcels, run off copies of some compilation CDs I'm making, watch TV and then spend ages catching up with all the new games I've bought recently. In actual fact, I only seem to have had time to do about half of it. The cleaning, tidying and sorting took forever - and come the evening, my lungs felt full of crap. The vaccum cleaner we have is supposed to have a special filter for people with dust allergies, but it's obviously not doing its job, because I lay awake most of the night wheezing, and woke up still not able to breathe properly - the sort of asthma attack where you take your inhaler and it doesn't seem to help at all, but it's not bad enough to bother a doctor or hospital about. So you sit around feeling tired and uncomfortable because of lack of oxygen, and can't sleep because you're having to concentrate too hard on breathing. Blah.

So today I woke up exceedingly late, still wheezy, and rang hatter to sort out doing something social with him and bfo this weekend. (We've decided we'll do something tomorrow evening when Cath and I have both finished work, but don't know quite what yet.) I wandered round the shops for a bit, had dinner out and came home, planning to spend maybe 2 hours running off CDs, labels and inlay cards. In the end it took more than 6 hours to get 3 CDs done - not because the computer's particularly slow, simply because it took that long to design the artwork and get it to print out properly on the labels and photo paper that I was using. I finished that about half an hour ago, just as Richard decided he wanted to go to bed. So now it's gone 4am and I don't really want to sit by myself in the front room playing video games, and I need to go to bed fairly soon myself so that I can make it to work tomorrow. *sigh*

Current music:
I found myself listening to "Homegrown" by Dodgy earlier today, for the first time in years. I don't know why I picked it - I was looking through my CDs and thought "haven't heard that for a while". After I'd played it three times in a row, Richard wanted to hear something else, so I put on "Greatest" by Duran Duran instead. And now I'm listening to "Stop Thinking" by Clam Abuse, which is a very strange album made by Ginger of the Wildhearts after the Wildhearts split up. It's very silly, but quite poppy and upbeat, and it actually seems to be helping my mood.

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